Compliance & Risk Journal - Fees

Types of Subscriptions

Compliance & Risk journal, published in 6 editions per year, is available in the following formats:

Electronic Subscription


Electronic version, which is distributed by email as a PDF attachment. No paper is used for production or distribution of the electronic version, so this version is ‘environment friendly’. It is sent approximately one week before the posted hard copy version and may be shared with colleagues in your organisation and uploaded to your organisation's intranet or other internal database (license terms).

    Hard Copy Subscription

    Printed version which is delivered by post (or by air mail for international subscriptions).

    Electronic +
    Hard Copy Subscription

    Receive the best of both worlds - the electronic version and the hard copy version.





    Multiple Copies

    Receive a 50% discount for each additional hard copy sent to the same address.


    Multiple Subscriptions

    Subscribe to two or more journals at the same time and receive the cheapest journal with a 15% discount.


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